Around here, you can get Spanish moss in bags to put around the soil of potted plants.
In the south of the US, you can see Spanish Moss hanging from trees.
Spanish Moss in trees can been seen as romantic or eerie.

The pictures from Wikimedia Commons, I will put WC. Those from English Wikipedia, I will use EW.

A close up of Spanish Moss  by, Koyaanis Qatel, EW.

Sp_moss_CU_th Koyaanis Qatel en eikiBy, User: Phr WC.

320px-Spanish-moss-tree User Phr WCBy, Cookaa WC.

320px-Tillandsia_usneoides_SA Cookaa WCBy, Mala Dumat, WC.

Spanisches_Moos_(Tillandsia_usneoides)_1 Maja Dumat WCBy, Gh5046, EW.

320px-Spanish_moss_at_the_Mcbryde_Garden_in_hawaii Gh5046 en wikiThis last picture was taken at City Park Railway, New Orleans, Louisiana  by, Clem, WC.

320px-City_Park_Railway_New_Orleans_2010-06-05 Clem WC_