The National Park Service rangers took pictures this past week and before that. They take great pictures because they are familiar with the park and can see something lovely to show everyone.
If you do go to a National Park and do see a ranger, say hello and if you’re up to it, thank them for their work at the park.

All the pictures are taken by those who work at National Parks.

From Arches National Park in the state of Utah.

BEtN0WPCEAAfWGT Arches NPFrom Weir Farm National Park in the state of Connecticut.

BE7C_CHCAAA879S Weir Farm Nos. SnowFrom Death Valley National Park in the states of Nevada and California.

death valley hp flowerFrom Bering Land Bridge National Park in the state of Alaska.

Asio_flammeus_-Bering_Land_Bridge_National_Preserve,_Alaska,_USA-8 BeringLandBridgeNational PreserveThese three pictures are from Grand Canyon National Park in the state of Arizona.

BE7IcfdCIAAV94T Grand Canyon Snow NPSBE9VBirCQAAHl2Y Grand Canyon NPS 3 9BE9VVN3CcAEmBIy  Grand Canyon NPS snowmanThis last picture was taken at Denali National Park in the state of Alaska. Those are sun dogs.

BEr241gCcAA-9WI Denali NP sundogs by Int dept