I don’t know why there is salt in the Great Salt Lake or Desert in Utah. I don’t know where it came from. All I know is that the lake and desert are truly odd places. I would want a bottle of water if I was there. It makes me thirsty just to look at the pictures.

The Maps.

US Map of the states by the Environmental Protection Agency. I put a red X on the state of Utah. It is the bright blue state over a bit from the left middle side of the map.

us_map EPA red utahMap of the Great Salt Lake with rivers that drain into it  by, Shannon1, Wikimedia Commons.

Great_salt_lake_drainage_map Shannon1 WCThe Great Salt Lake in winter  by, DR04, Wikimedia Commons.

800px-02162008_Interstate80NWUtah DR04 WCGreat Salt Lake   by, Bobak, English Wikipedia.

450px-Great_Salt_Lake_2 Bobak en wikiGreat Salt Lake  by, Dr. Wayne Mathews, MNFS/OPR National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

800px-Nerr0940_-_Flickr_-_NOAA_Photo_Library Dr wayne Meadows MNFS OPRGreat Salt Lake  by, Bobjgalindo, Wikimedia Commons.

696px-SaltLakeRipples Bobjgalindo WCThe Great Salt Lake Desert.

By, G. Thomas, English Wikipedia.

800px-PilotPeakNV G. THomas en wikiBy, Staplegunther, Wikimedia Commons.

800px-Dugway_Proving_Ground Staplegunther WCBy, Ofl247, Wikimedia Commons.

800px-DeepCreeksSnow Qfl247 WCThis last picture is of the Bonneville Salt Flats, they have races  by, Michael, Wikimedia Commons.

800px-Bonneville_salt_flats_pilot_peak Michael WC