I have always like coconut. I buy a package of shredded coconut, sit down and eat a lot of it at one time. I like coconut cake.
If you buy a coconut in the shell, be prepared to have quite a time in cracking the shell. Once you do, the effort is worth it. You will see a little bit of liquid inside. Pour it into a glass and drink it.
Coconut can mean the fruit or the palm tree.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

The Map.  By, Nicklas Jonsson. He drew red lines to show where coconuts grow.

640px-Coconut_natural_distribution Nicklas Jonnson WCThe next two pictures are by Wimpearl.

In Honolulu, Hawaii.

'BEWARE_FALLING_COCONUTS'_sign_in_Honolulu,_Hawaii Wimpearl WCA coconut plant growing from the husk on Black Sand Beach in the island of Hawaii. The husk is the outer layer, over the shell.

360px-Coconut_germinating_on_Black_Sand_Beach,_Island_of_Hawaii Wimpearl WCCoconut trees by the sea in Savaii, Samoa  by, Teinesavii. Coconut trees get to about 98 feet tall.

640px-Coconut_trees_by_the_sea,_Savai'i,_Samoa Teinesavaii WC

Coconut palm tree leaf  in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu  by, Plyrush Bishoi.

Coconut_palms_in_Chennai Piyush Bishnoi WC


Green coconut in the tree  by, Ken Stuber.

Cocos_nucifera14 Ken Stuber WCRipe coconut on a tree in Cuba  by, Jongleur100.

320px-CoconutTree Cuba Jongleur100 WCThis is a rug being made in Srilanka, with coconut fibers that are extracted from the husk. By, Krankman.

Srilanka_coconut_rug Krankman WCThe Philippines are the largest producers of coconut.

This picture is of some coconut product. At either end is shredded coconut. From left to right, the inside of a coconut, coconut healing oil and a two eyed shell. The two eyed shell is not a s common as the three eyed shell.

By, Ramon FValequez.

640px-Coconut2jf Ramon FValequez WCCoconut oil and milk are made from dried coconut. Coconut water is from immature coconut. Coconut oil is used as a moisturizer in cosmetics.

Coconut milk. It took 15 of them to make this pure milk. By, Ramon FValaquez.

640px-Cocomilkjf Ramon FVelaquez WC 15 cDrinking coconut juice from the husk  by, Dtfman.

450px-Drinking_coconut juice Dtfman WCThis last picture was taken in Thailand  by, Manfred Werner.

640px-Koh_Samui_Lipa_Noi2 Manfred Werner WC Thailand