8015060227_977ba201eb_m patch exp. 34

Last evening at 11:10, EDT, the Soyuz TMA-07M landed safely in Kazakhstan.
The three astronauts of Expedition 34 had been at the International Space Station. I’ll call it ISS.
They had been delayed in leaving the ISS because of very bad weather in Kazakhstan.
The weather last evening had low clouds and fog. Not ideal, but it was acceptable.
It wasn’t announced that the Landing has taken place until the ground team saw the Soyuz TMA-07M. The Soyuz had a beacon and GPS on it, but seeing for oneself is believing.

The Map.

Kazakhstan  by, CIA World Facebook.

596px-Kazakhstan_2001_CIA_mapThis is a picture of part of the Kazakhstan Steppes  by, Vmenkov, Wikimedia Commons.

800px-E7822-Shu-steppe Vmenkov WCThe rest of the pictures are from NASA.

The Soyuz TMA-07M at Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan.

34 soyezLiftoff.

715440main_201212190012hq_wp_800-600 launchA picture of the ISS.

scene composition: litho, frame 22This picture was taken from the ISS as Soyuz TMA-07M approached. Below is Algeria and the Atlas Mountains.

716369main_iss034e010181_1600_946-710 soyuz tmao7mThis is Soyuz TMA-07M docked at ISS.

727954main_iss034e045758_wp_946-710 tma O7 dockedThis picture of Lake Tahoe, in the state of Nevada, USA, was taken by Expedition 34.

730337main_iss034e032083_wp_800-600 LAke taho 34This last picture was taken last night, a few hours after the Three astronauts of Expedition 34 landed.

From left to right: Evgeny Tarelkin, he’s holding flowers, Kevin Ford and Oleg Kustaney.

734457main_201303160002HQ_800-600 at airport 3 15