Green peas are an early crop here in the north east part of the US. When you plant them, spring has started.
It’s important to get green peas planted early. They are a cool weather crop. A cool weather crop doesn’t like blazing sun or heat. If you plant the green peas too late, the plants will dry up, give up and lie down.
Green peas are ready to pick in early July. If the weather gets bad, the peas won’t like it. In normal weather, the peas are happy.

A picture of a seed packet. This is how you usually find them where seeds are sold. There are directions on how to plant the peas on the back of the pack.

pkg seeds green peasFrom the US Department of Agriculture, a close picture of green pea seeds.

Pisum_sativum_green USDADig a small hole in the ground, not too deep.
put pea in groundwater pea seedDon’t let the planted seeds dry out. Keep an eye on them and water when you need to do so.

The rest of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

Green pea plants sprouting  by, Rasbak.

368px-Pisum_sativum_emerging_(Kiemplanten_kreukerwten_'Kelvedon_Wonder')_1 Rasbak WCPlants when they are fully grown  by, Rasbak.

450px-Doperwt_rijserwt_peulen_Pisum_sativum Rasback WcA green pea plant tendril  by, Rasbak.

Pisum_sativum_bladrank_(tendril) Rasback WCGreen peas in open pods  by, Bill Ebbeson.

556px-Peas_in_pods_-_Studio Bill Ebbeson WCShelling peas  by, National Rural Knowledge Exchange from UK.

640px-Shelling_peas National Rural Knowledge from UK. ExchangeThis last picture is a bowl of frozen green peas like you would buy in a package at the store  by, Jina Lee.

Frozen_peas Jina Lee WC