The private company Space X owns Dragon, the cargo spacecraft that delivers good to the International Space Station (ISS). Part of the spacecraft can be used again for future trips.
I imagine that the ISS crew looks forward to these deliveries. There’s always a treat for them along with the regular supplies.
Dragon is launched and guided by NASA.
The Dragon launches from Cape Canaveral in the state of Florida.

The map.

US map of the states by the Environmental Protection Agency. I drew a red arrow to show where Florida is located.

us_map EPA Florida

The rest of the pictures are from NASA.

The International Space Station.

scene composition: litho, frame 22Dragon on the launchpad.

BERxkeoCAAAwHNg SpaceX cargo for ISS 3 1 13Alan Alut of NASA took this picture of a Dragon launch.

800px-SpaceX_Dragon_COTS-1_launch NASA Alan AultA picture taken from the ISS of Dragon approaching on one of her trips.

754px-ISS-31_SpaceX_Dragon_commercial_cargo_craft_approaches_the_ISS_-_cropThis is a picture of some fruit that was delivered to the astronauts on the ISS.

space_fruits_esa ISSDragon is grabbed by an arm on the ISS so that she can be docked. The arm is called Canadarm. It’s made in Canada.

Dragon_ISS_Treasure_Trove_ScienceBE87eQYCQAAYt4d Hadfield Dragon Canadarm capturedBEdb1NyCcAAXgOg dragonThe last three pictures are of Dragon docked at the ISS.

BEdpxzcCIAEYmoO dragon snaredBEg35uACYAABseo dragonBEcBbsRCMAEGlm- dragon X ISS