I found a bunch of pictures that were lovely.

I’ll start in space. The GOES-13 satellite is a weather satellite for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
They took this picture at the moment of the spring equinox. The picture is from NASA.

spring-jpg_211155 GOES 13 satellite NASANext, are two pictures of Mt. Etna in Sicily, Italy. It is the most active volcano on Earth.

By, Jpsep Renalias, Wikimedia Commons.

EtnaAvió Josep Renalaias WCFrom the International Space Station  by, Astronaut Marshburn.

BF_6M4uCUAA6lA1 Marchburn Mt EtnaThis picture was taken at Denali National Park  by, National Park Service.

BF7GBMoCAAEj_0R Denali NPS AuroraBy, the Bureau of Land Management, Idaho.

BFpgiktCAAA-vkw Int dept BLM IdahoFrom ParksCanada.

proxy water, paddle parkscanadaFrom the Isle of Wight Zoo, UK.

BFqMBItCIAEqXqm Isle of Wight ZooThis last picture is from the Knoxville Zoo in the state of Kentucky. It was taken in celebration of spring.

BF0IOBbCEAI_o3b eddy knoxville soo