The view of Earth from space is very different at night. The Earth becomes a magical place.

All of pictures are from NASA.

During the daylight hours, NASA took pictures of the Earth called Blue Marble. They were taken from the satellite Terra. It is 770km above the earth.

These two pictures are Earth East and Earth West.

globe_east_540 blue marcleglobe_west_540 blue maebleThe Black Marble is Earth at night.
These three pictures are the Earth at Night. The lights are from cities.

The Americas.

city_lights_namerica_8k_webAfrica and Europe.

city_lights_africa_8k_web and europeAsia and Australia.

city_lights_asia_night_8k_web auThis is a picture of North America at the top. It is labeled.

ESC_large_ISS030_ISS030-E-58640Annot north north americaThe British Isles. Labeled.

ISS016-E-027034_british_islesThe last picture is of Italy.

ISS_Italy_aug182012 italy