American Warbler have 35 subspecies. The three I found pictures of are the yellow warble, the mangrove warbler and the Kirtlands warbler. They do look somewhat alike and you can be forgiven for mixing them up. The yellow warbler is also called the golden warbler.
The warbler is about 4 to 7 inches long. The wingspan is 6.3 to 8.7 and I bet birdie didn’t like it when they measured that. They weigh in at 0.25 to 0.53. They would be blown in the direction of a strong wind. If you see one in the air going sideways, that’s the wind.

I’ll use WC for the pictures from Wikimedia Commons.

The Map.

Th yellow areas are where the warblers breed (that means they lay eggs and hatch little warblers). The green areas is where they breed and spend the winters. The blue areas are where they spend winters.

By, Cephas, WC.

Dendroica_petechia_map.svg png Cephas WCMr. Yellow Warbler is above and Mrs. is below. The picture was taken in Kansas  by, kansasphoto, WC.

Yellow_Warblers_3537092053 kansasphoto WCMangrove Warbler in Costa Rico  by, Charlesjsharp, WC.

Resident_adult_male_yellow_or_mangrove_warbler Charlesjsharp WC  Costa RicoKirtlands Warbler  by, Joel Trick, US Fish and Wildlife Service.

311311_10151567079810775_860895751_n kirtlands warbler Joel Trick USFWSA nest with eggs  by, Kristine Sowl, US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Dendroica_petechia4 Kristine Sowl US FSWThe last three picture are of the golden or yellow warbler.

By, Mdf, WC.

Dendroica-petechia-001 Mdf WCBy, DickDaniels, WC.

640px-Golden_Warbler_RWD1 DickDaniels WCBy, GeoffClarke, WC.

640px-Yellow_warbler GeoffCLarke WC