Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks Recreation Area has a lot to it. You could visit this part of the Monongahela National Forest numerous times and not see all of it.
I am showing only some of it.
The US Forest Service takes care of it.

I’ll use WC for the pictures from Wikimedia Commons.

The Maps.

US map of the states by the Environmental Protection agency. I drew a red line around the state of West Virginia.

us_map EPA WVThis map shows the Monongahela National forest in West Virginia  by, Kmusser.

615px-Wv_forests Kmusser WCThis is the Spruce Knob Summit, the highest mountain in the forest  by, Wonderer04, WC.

640px-Knobsummit Wonderer84 WCThese are boulders on Spruce Knob  by, Jerek Tuszyski, WC.

Spruce_Knob_-_boulders_1 Jerek Tuszynski WCSpruce Knob Lake  by, Wyatt Greene, WC.

SpruceKnobLake.wmg Wyatt Green eWCSpruce Knob at sunset  by, Forest Wander, WC.

800px-Spruce-knob-morning-sky Forest Wander WCRed Spruce Forest in the area of Spruce Knob  by, Kenneth P. James, WC.

RedSpruceForestOnSpruceKnobWV Kenneth P. Jamesw WCThis is North Fork Mountain  by, Forest Wander, WC.

North-fork-mountain_-_West_Virginia_-_ForestWanderThe next pictures are of Seneca Rocks.

These two pictures show the front of Seneca Rocks.

By, Anete Kaluzna, WC.

640px-Seneca_Rocks_West_Virginia_USA Aneta Kaluzna WCBy, Forest Wander, WC.

Senecarock_-_West_Virginia_-_ForestWanderSeneca Rocks Summit  by, lavorche, English Wikipedia.

Seneca_Rocks_Summit lavorche en wikiSeneca Rocks   by, Forest Wander, WC.

640px-AUT_1955_ForestWanderBy, Thomas M. Parsons, WC.

SenecaRocksCrop75 THomas M. PArsons WCThese two pictures are of Seneca Creek.

By, Brian M. Powell, WC.

320px-Seneca_Creek_-_Mouth Brian M. Powel WCBy, Forest Wander, WC.

400px-Seneca-Creek-Waterfall-Underwater-Rock Forest Wander from Cross Lanes, USA WCThese next pictures were taken at Smoke Hole.

Smoke Hole Creek  by, Jerek Tuszynski, WC.

Smoke_Hole_-_river_5 Jerek WCA plant  by, Jerek Tuszynski, WC.

Smoke_Hole_-_plant_1 Jerek WCWhite Tailed Deer  by, Kerek, WC.

640px-Smoke_Hole_-_dear white tailed Kerek WCThe next three pictures were taken by, Jerek Tuszynski, WC.

A snail.

800px-Smoke_Hole_-_snail_1 Jerek Tuszynski WCTwo pictures of butterflies.

509px-Smoke_Hole_-_Battus_philenor_2  Jerek Tuszynski WC640px-Smoke_Hole_-_Battus_philenor_1 Jerek WCThese are pictures of wildlife you might see in the Monongahela National Forest.

American Woodcock  by, Guizmo 68, WC.

320px-American_Woodcock_Scolopax_minor Guizmo 68 WCA Grouse  by, Mdf, WC.

640px-Bonasa-umbellus-001edit1 Mdf WCA black bear  by, HBarrison, WC.

320px-Canadian_Rockies_-_the_bear_at_Lake_Louise HBarrison WCA black bear that is blond  by, Jackmont, English Wikipedia.

Spiritbear Jackmont en wikiA Snowshoe Hare in warm weather  by, Walter Siegmund, WC.Lepus_americanus_5459_cropped Walter Siegmund WCA Snowshoe Hare in Winter  by, D. Gordon E. Robertson, WC.

Snowshoe_Hare,_Shirleys_Bay D Gordon E Roberson WCThis last picture is of an Easter Newt, red eft stage  by, Jason Quinn, WC.

Eastern_newt_red_eft_stage_Sep_3_2012_North_Fork_Mountain_near_Chimney_Top Jason Quinn WC