We are on the cusp of spring like weather here on the east coast US. A bit chilly yet, but nice.
I haven’t yet gotten out and about with my camera, so I found a lot of pictures online. I thought that perhaps I found too many, but they are all so lovely, I had to show them to you.
I noticed that in UK, the daffodils come out while the Snowdrops are in bloom. Here, the snowdrops are usually gone before the daffodils come out. The Crocus here come out after the snowdrops.

All the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

I’ll start off with Snowdrops.

By, Ashley Dace.

Snowdrops Ashley Dace WCBy, Dominicus Johaness Bergsma.

Galanthus_nivalis_'Anglesey_Abbey_02 Dominicus Johaness Bergsma WCBy, Evelyn Simak.

Spring_flowers_in_the_churchyard_of_all_Saints_church_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1738467 Evelyn Simak WCDaffodils in front and snowdrops in back  by, Richard Croft.

Hodsock_flowers_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1172777 Richard Croft WCThe rest of the pictures are of Crocus.

By, Sue Welsh.

WhiteCrocus Sue Welsh WCBy, Malzagata Floryan.

Crocus_yellow Malgorzata Floryan WCBy, Mehrab Pourfaraj.

Crocus_caspius Mehrab Pourfaraj WCBy, Simo ubuntu.

640px-Prato_di_Crocus Simo ubuntu WCBy, Thomas Wolf.

640px-Krokusse_violett THomas Wolf WCI have never seen this kind of crocus before. This last picture is by, C T Johansson.

459px-IMG_0488-Crocus_alatavicus C T Johansson WC