Lawn can become a full-time job. There’s a lot of work involved in keeping a lawn looking nice.
Large lawns at mansions and such places require a crew to maintain them.
When you see these lawns, you can appreciate the efforts of those who keep them in shape.

The pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

Pelouse Champs sur Marne, France  by, Jebulon.

Pelouse_Champs-sur-Marne Jebulon WCAt Ashurst New Forest, UK  by, Jim Champion.

Grazing_ponies,_Ashurst, Jim Champion WCAt Sokolovska  by, Cs. SJO, the author name is as close as I can get.

Sokolovská,_zatravněná_tramvajová_trať,_od_Balabenky cs SJO WCSomerset House, UK   Oliver Dixon. Oliver Dixon WCAbsolute Chateau de Portales  by, Jonathon M.

640px-Absolute_Chateau_de_Pourtales_01 Jonathan M WCVanderbilt Mansion, Hyde Park, New York  by, Daderot.

Vanderbilt_Mansion_-_IMG_7942 Daderot WC Hyde Park NYThis last picture shows the shadow of the Statue of Liberty  by, Ad Meskens.

640px-Statue_of_Liberty_29 Ad Meskens WC