When flowers, trees and bushes bloom, pollen is everywhere.
For people who are allergic to pollen, it is a time of misery.
Pollen flies in the air and lands on surfaces.
Except for the first picture, all of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

This is a close up of pollen, magnified 500 times. From the Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility, Dartmouth College in the state of New Hampshire.

Misc_pollen x500 Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility Dartmouth collegeThis is pollen under a regular microscope  by, Shurataxmedov.

320px-Жизнеспособность_пыльцы_13 Shuhrataxmedov WCPollen on water  by, Frank Vincenz.

Meinerzhagen_-_Fürwiggetalsperre_07_ies Frank Vincenz WCPollen  by, Dr. Hagen Graebner.

Weidefrucht1 Dr. Hagen Graebner WCPollen can be picked up by the wind. Bees and butterflies carry pollen from one flower to another.
The pollen is on the stamen of a flower. That’s the boy part of the flower. When pollen goes to another flower, it lands on the girl part of the flower. This is what keeps flowers from dying out. New flowers are made.

This is a close up of Lily stamens  by, Higginson from Shropshire, England.

Lily_stamens Liam Higginson from Shropshire england WCNext, are three close ups of flowers with the pollen in their centers. The first two are by, Ton Rulkens from Mozambique.

Jatropha_podagrica_-_female_flower_(4711666350) Ton Rulkens from Mosambique WCGreen_(4713690129) Ton Rulkens from Mozambique WCBy, Brett Weinstein from Scarsdale in the state of New York and Atalanta in the state of Georgia.

Filament,_Anther,_Etc.Nrbelex Brett Weinstein from Albany NY and  Scarsdale Georgia WCA butterfly and a Cone Flower by, Bff.

Echinacea_purpurea&Aglais_urticae20090813_099 Bff WCA pair of Bluebirds  by, Sandysphoto2009.

312px-Sialia_sialis_-Michigan,_USA_-pair-8c Sandysphotos2009 WCThe last picture is of a bee on a blue flower  by, Oilbac from France. The caption said, I have never seen blue pollen before.

Labeille_bleue_blue_bee_on_bluebells_(2458966167) Oilbac from France WC