Black walnut trees are different from regular walnut trees. One thing is that some plants can’t be near a black walnut tree. The soil will kill the plants.
The nuts, called fruit are also different from the standard walnuts.
Black walnuts are very good in cookies. You can also use them in other sweets.
The wood from black walnut tress is wonderful for making furniture. It is a hardwood which means it holds up well and doesn’t get dings and dents as easily as soft woods.

This is a map of the areas in the US that grow black walnut trees  by, the US Geological Survey.

Juglans_nigra_range_map USGSAll the rest of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

A black walnut tree  by, MONGO. It is the big one in the middle.

320px-Black_Walnut_middle User MONGO WCThe next four pictures were taken by Susan Sweeney.

A branch with buds.

Black_walnut_buds Susan Sweeney WCBark.

Black_walnut_bark_2 Susan Sweeney WCTree with walnuts. The nut is inside of a shell and an outer husk.

Black_walnut_tree_1 Susan Sweeney WCA closer look at the leaves and nut husks.

Black_walnut_in_tree_1 Sussn Sweeney WCBlack walnuts in their shells  by. Bokar Derada. The shells are hard and you need a nut cracker to break them.

320px-Nueces_y_cascanueces Bokar Derada WCCracking walnuts, husks and shells  by, Vmenkov. This time with a hammer.

320px-E9014-cracking-black-walnut User Vmenkov WCA piece of unfinished black walnut wood  by, Cynl5555.

320px-Texture_de_noyer Cynl5555 WCThis last picture is of a sideboard made from black walnut wood  by, lulunvc. It was made by, Alexander Roux and is in the Brooklyn Museum in the State of New York.

640px-WLA_brooklynmuseum_Alexander_Roux lulunnyc WC