Last evening, we had thunder storms that went on and off for hours. There would be thunder and lightning, followed by a calm time. The rain would fall heavily and then just be light rain. At a couple of points, there were very strong winds that whistled around corners of buildings.
Possible tornadoes were reported in the states of Missouri and Arkansas.

I went out yesterday afternoon after four o’clock and took some pictures. I’m glad I did. The rain and wind would change how things look.

The Bradford Pear trees are greeted with sheer happiness. They are true signs that winter is over. These trees are called ornamental. They don’t grow fruit.

Here are three pictures of a Bradford Pear tree.

buds bradopen2 bradopen bradI should mention that when I go out with the camera, I sit wherever, to take a picture. People probably think I’m stark raving mad. In a way, that’s good. They won’t bother me.

These are Iris leaves.

iris leavesA bush with new leaves.

new leavesThis is a spring onion, sometimes called onion grass, with wildflowers.

onion wildThe next two pictures are of wildflowers. Last year, they were out in February during the warm spell.

white wildyel wildfForsythia.

forMagnolia buds.

mag budsThese last two pictures are of Daffodils.