It is a cold rainy morning here. I was waiting for a bus and the heavens opened up and the rain poured down. The wind blew in strong gusts.
I was glad I had on my hoodie and scarf under my outer coat.

hoodieI have an assortment of pictures to show you.

From NOAA, a dolphin had been rescued and here they are releasing him to the ocean.

BDkLjPeCYAAoV32 NOAA Habitat rescue dolphin release  OKFrom the Columbus Zoo in the state of Ohio, a penguin in a pot.

proxy pot of penguin columbus zooChris Hadfield from the Canadian Space Agency is aboard the International Space Station, in fact, he is now the Commander and he took this picture. It is a river.

BHPnrfmCMAInhsl river hadfieldThis is a picture taken by the National Park Service at the Grand Canyon.

BGANmyYCQAAzdWV Grand CanyonFrom the National Park Service , Canyonlands in the state of Utah.

BHIsB8fCQAAjNwM Canyonlands NPSFrom Death Valley National Park  by the National Park Service. An unknown flower.

proxy Death Valley NPSIn Washington D. C., the cherry blossoms have bloomed  by, the National Park Service.

BHayx-lCYAAJWjC cherry blossoms IntThis is a picture taken in the Piper Mountain Wilderness in the state of California  by, the Bureau of Land Management.

BHGJHIDCEAA3M48 Peiper mtn wilderness area BLMThis last picture is my feet in the shoes I was wearing this morning. They got soaked.