Snowy owls are big owls. They weigh in at about 3.5 to 6.6 pounds.
these owls are talented predators. They keep other predators away from their territory. I read that the Snow Goose will live around a snowy owl because he will be safe.

The Map.

By, The Emirr, Wikimedia Commons. This shows where the snowy owl lives. The darker blue shows where they breed and the lighter blue shows where they don’t.

1000px-Cypron-Range_Bubo_scandiacus.png The Emirr WCI will use WC for the pictures from Wikimedia Commons.

A female snowy owl  by, pe_ha45, WC.

425px-Snowy_Owl_-_Schnee-Eule pe ha45 WCA male owl  by, Michael Gabler, WC, CC BY SA 3.0.

Bubo_scandiacus_(Linnaeus,_1758)_Male Michael Gabler WC CC BY SA 3.0BY, Kathy & sarn from Beaverton OR, USA, WC.

640px-Bubo_scandiacus_Damon_Point_8 Kathy  sarn from Beaverton OR US WCBy, MAtt Gillviray form Toronto, Canada, WC.

640px-Bubo_scandiacus_Toronto_1 MAtt Mac Gillviray from Toronto Canada WCBy, Jim Richmond, WC.

640px-Bubo_scandiacus_Pulpit_Rock_4 Jim Richmond WCBy, Ingrid Taylor from Seattle WA, USA, WC.

640px-Bubo_scandiacus_Boundary_Bay_2 Ingrid Taylor from Seattle WA USA WCThe next two pictures are by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The first one is by, Howard Arndt and the second has no photographer name.

480px-Bubo_scandiacus_Kansas_City_6 Howard Arndt US ACE480px-Bubo_scandiacus_Kansas_City_2 Kansas City District US Army Corps of EngineersThe last picture is by, Bill Bouton from San Luis Obispo, CA, WC.

640px-Bubo_scandiacus_male_Muskegon Bill Bouton San Luis Obispo CA US WC