Dacris cayana are small birds and the males are a brilliant blue. The females are a bit duller, but still beautiful.
I read that they live in Nicaragua, Panama and South America, as far south as Bolivia and northern Argentina.
What doesn’t make sense to me is what happened to Costa Rica? Did the birds do a fly over like an airline direct route? I could be wrong, but I figure that these birds are also in Costa Rica.

The pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

The Maps.

South America  by, Luan.

South_America_(orthographic_projection).png  Luan WC

Countries of South America  by, Cephas.

Amerique_du_Sud.png Cephas WC

Central America  by, Heraldry.

Central_America_(orthographic_projection). Heraldry WCCountries in Central America  by, AlexCorvarrubias.

Centroamerica_politico AlexCorvarrubias WCThese first four pictures are by, Dario Sanches from Sao Paulo, Brasil.


531px-Dacnis_cayana Dario Sanches from Sao Paulo Brasil WC

442px-Flickr_-_Dario_Sanches_-_SAÍ-AZUL_macho_(Dacnis_cayana)_(4 Dario Sanches Sao Paulo Brasil WC


Dacnis_cayana_-Registro,_Sao_Paulo,_Brazil_-female-8 Dario Sanches from Sao Paulo Brasil WCBoth.

558px-Flickr_-_Dario_Sanches_-_SAÍ-AZUL_(Dacnis_cayana)_(2) Dario Sanches from Sao Paulo Brasil WCFemale  by, User: Liuthalas.

Dacnis_cayana_female1 user Liuthalas WCMale  by, Lip Kea, from Singapore, Republic of Singapore.

Blue_Dacnis,_Dacnis_cayana_-_Flickr_-_Lip_Kee from Singapore, Republic of Singapore WCThis last picture is of a male  by, Ltshears. Taken at the Louisville Zoo in the state of Kentucky, US.

576px-Blue_Dacnis_001 Ltshears WC