We are having a normal spring around here. Cool mornings and somewhat warm days. If it is windy, it is chilly.
I have more primroses to show you. The pictures give an idea of how many colors you can find.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

Something I noticed when I was looking at a picture of a primrose. It reminded me of a pansy.

Pansies  by, Alice Chodura.

Viola_x_wittrockiana_Düsseldorf Alice Chodura WCPrimrose  by, Enrico Blasutto.

Primula_vulgaris_ENBLA11 Enrico Blasutto WCThere is Primrose Day in UK. It is on the date that Prime Minister Disraeli  died and the English Primrose was his favorite flower. He died on April 19. 1881.

This is a picture of Queen Victoria and Prime Minister Disraeli by an unknown author.

Old_disraeli 4 19 1881I couldn’t find a picture of a deep blue primrose. What I found was a picture by, 4028mdk09 of a deep blue primrose with other primroses.

450px-Primula_vulgaris_Frühlingsboten_Februar_2012 4028mdk09 WCBy, Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK.

Primrose_(3356633595) Tony Hisgett from Birmingham UK WCBy, Enrico Blasutto.

Primula_vulgaris_ENBLA12 Enrico Blasutto WCBy, Ranveig.

Snowy_primrose User Ranveig WCBy, J P Hamon.

640px-Primula_vulgaris_02 J P Hamon WCThese are three pictures by, Lukas Kaffer.

Primula_vulgaris-violet_(S.lukas) Kaffer WCPrimula_vulgaris-pink_(S.lukas) Kaffer WC640px-Primula_vulgaris-blue_(S.lukas) Lukas Kaffer WCBy, Nicu farcas.

640px-RO_BV_Primula_vulgaris Nicu farcas WCThese last two pictures are by, Enrico Blasutto.

Primula_vulgaris_ENBLA13 Enrico Blasutto WCPrimula_vulgaris_ENBLA08 Enrico  Blasutto WC