It used to be that you would only see pictures of the sun like this.

sunOr, this. (public domain)

sunnyNow, you can see pictures of the sun from NASA.


732598main_sunspots_hmi_2013059_lrg_800-600Quiet sun.

740360main_latest_4096_0171_800-600 quiet sunMagnetic loops.

728000main_8474393768_db89182a7e_o_800-600 magnetic loopsRecently, there were eruptions on the sun.

737643main_March_prom_800-600 Sun flaresThe sun’s activity caused auroras.

By, Thomas H. Marshburn, US astronaut on the International Space Station.
BH5gfFOCMAEk0AD marshburn auroraThis last picture is of the same aurora  by, Denali National Park in the state of Alaska.

BH2cXVtCEAAMgse Denali NPS Aurora