I was out and about with the little camera yesterday, April 19. I saw differences from when I took pictures on April 10.
The growth of leaves and flowers has been usual for this time of year.

I did take a picture a few days ago that proves that I will not be a famous photographer.

shoes againI have comparison pictures between April 10 and April 19.

This is ornamental grass on April 10.

orn grass1 4 7Ornamental grass on April 19.

grass some green sjustedThis is a Star Magnolia Tree on April 10.

star mag budsStar Magnolia on April 19.

star mag 4 19These daffodils were at the side of a building on April 10.

right side daffswall daffs leftThese daffodils, not yet bloomed on April 10, were in front of the building a short distance away. They were getting less light.

sjustOn April 19, the daffodils on the side of the building were dried up. The daffodils in front of the building had bloomed.

daffs bloomed ajustThis last picture was taken on April 19. Behind the daffodils were tulips that hadn’t yet bloomed. The tulip buds are to the left of the daffodil.

tulip bud ajust