I have never tasted a gooseberry. They aren’t sold around here. I have heard of them for a long time.
Gooseberries do grow in the US, but not on a wide scale. They may try to grow them commercially at some point.

The Map.

This shows where gooseberry are produced commercially  by, Anwar saadat, English Wikipedia.

2005currant_and_gooseberry Anwar saadat en wiki

The pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

A gooseberry bud  by, Jerzey Opiola.

Ribes_grossularia_a1 Jerzy Opiola WCGooseberry flowers  by, Bernd Haynold.

459px-Ribes_uva-crispa_130405 Bernd Haynold WCGooseberry bushes grow from 3 to 10 feet tall.

By, User: Rasbak.

450px-Wilde_kruisbes_(Ribes_uva-crispa_wild_plant) user Rasbak WCBy, Kpjas.

Ribes_grossularia_kpjas WCBy, Uwe Hermann.

640px-Gooseberry Uwe Hermann WCBy, Frank Vincentz.

549px-Ribes_uva-crispa5_ies Frank Vincentz WCSliced gooseberries  by, Jonathon Cardy. The ruler is in inches.

640px-Gooseberry_sectioned Jonathon Cardy WCGreen gooseberries  by, Komelia und Hartmut Hafela.

450px-Stachelbeeren Komelia und Hartmut Hafele WCThis last picture is of red gooseberries  by, Darkone.

428px-Stachelbeere_(Ribes_uva-crispa) Darkone wc