I always wondered what a teaberry looked like. I found out that the berries on teaberry bushes are edible. They taste like mint. The leaves, in spring, have a wintergreen fragrance.
Teaberry bushes are about 4 to 6 feet tall. I didn’t find any pictures of the entire bush.
Teaberry bushes are evergreens which means that their leaves stay green during cold months. They like acid soil and sun. Acid soil is something I’ll do another post about. It tends to get a bit involved.
Teaberry bushes are native on the east side of North America, from up high in Canada, to down low in Alabama.
Teaberry bushes have other names. One name is Spring Wintergreen.
Teaberries look like some other kinds of berries. I wouldn’t go popping them in your mouth unless you are sure that they are indeed teaberries.
Don’t you be eating any plants without knowing what they are or asking someone who knows. Some plants are poisonous and I would  miss you dearly if you got poisoned.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

This is an illustration of parts of the teaberry bush. By, Franz Eugen Kohler, Kohler Medizional Pflanzen.

Gaultheria_procumbens_-_Köhler–s_Medizinal-Pflanzen-064 Franz Eugen Kohler Kohler's Medizenal Pflanzen WCThese are teaberry flowers  by, Stan Porse.

640px-Gaultheria-procumbens-habit Stan Porse WCThese are unripe teaberries   by, Jason Hollinger.

Wintergreen_(1020702588) Jason Hollinger WCBy, John Delano of Hammond Indiana.

Gaultheria_procumbens John Delano of Hammond Indiana WCBy, Hedwig Storch.

teaberry storchBy, Mike Serfas.

640px-FountainSpringsWintergreen Mike Serfas WCThis last picture is by Karol Piltch.

Golteria1-pl Karol Piltch WC