Around here, the past week has been normal for spring. Normal here means cool mornings and warmish days.

In the state of Alaska at Denali National Park, it snowed this past week. By, the National Park Service.

BIvd7lzCcAA9QtJ Denali  4 25From the Haleacala National Park, here is a picture taken on Haleacala volcano. Haleacala is on the island of Maui. By, the National Park Service.

BIoNKD5CMAAlyTc Haleakala NPSFrom the International Space Station, here are two pictures by, Thomas H. Marshburn, US Astronaut.

This is the Mediterranean Sea.

BIucvrJCAAI8aYK Mediterranean Blue Thomas H MarshburnThis is San Fransisco in the state of California.

BIdMsavCEAAFGo7 San Frasisco Marshburn ISSThe last two pictures were taken by Chris Hadfield, Commander of the International Space Station. He is from Canada.

This is Maracalbo, Venezuela. The caption said you can see the old bridge.

BIuGVtpCUAElKFW Maracalbo Venezuela 50 yr old bridge Hadfield.The moon over the Earth.

BIK5rzcCMAIthGY moon rise hadfield