BIeerLJCQAAPZ4S BLM Mustang adpoptMustangs live in North America. They are said to come originally from Iberia.
There is a bit of dispute on what to call them. Those who call them feral say that these horses were once domesticated, so they aren’t wild. Others call them wild horses, because they are running around free.
The US Bureau of Land Management has Mustang adoption programs. People who are able to adopt and qualify to do so, can go and get a Mustang.
Wild horses also live in other countries.
I have used pictures from the US.

These three pictures were taken by the Bureau of Land Management.

BLM MontanaHorsescd1l-095 BLMBureau_of_Land_Management_horses BLMExcept for one, the rest of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, T353&4. Taken in Pamlico in the state of North Carolina.

640px-Pamlico_rolling_horse T353 4 WCBy, SteppinStars. Taken in the state of Wyoming.

Wild_Mustangs_in_Wyoming SteppinStars WCBy, John Harwood. Taken in the state of Arizona.

605px-Arizona_2004_Mustangs John Harwood WCThe next two pictures were taken in the state of Utah  by, Jamie Jackson.

640px-Mustangs_Utah_2005_1 Jamie Jackson WCMustang_Utah_2005_2 Jamie Jackson WCThis last picture is from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. It says it was taken on refuge land, but doesn’t say where.

A_wild_horse_runs_gleefully_on_refuge_land US Fish and Wildlife