Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is back at work after a sleep. The communications were blocked by the sun in April, so the two rovers, Opportunity and Curiosity were parked.


11MARS2-articleLarge OppyCuriosity, with her cameras labeled.

Curiosity_camerasIt is the kind of spring day with beautiful weather and a sense that everything can wait until tomorrow.

I found pictures that are out of the ordinary.

Baby bison at Yellowstone National Park  by the National Park Service.

BJDJuJ5CYAASXkF Int baby bison YellowstoneA baby elephant with sister and mother at the Saint Louis Zoo in the state of Missouri.

BJIVB2TCIAAyQmf Saint Louis Zoo elephantThe Cassini Mission took a picture of a hurricane on Saturn  by NASA.

BJIOUZ8CIAEe-GM Saturn HurricaineCommander Hadfield of the Canadian Space agency, on the International Space Stations took this picture of the moon. There is a bit of blue from Earth’s atmosphere.

BI-UR11CAAAeSK4 hadfield E atmos tint moonThe last two pictures were taken by Thomas H. Marshburn, US Astronaut on the International Space Station.

Vancouver offshore islands at the end of a Pacific Ocean crossing.

BJLvGFSCIAA6My9 Vancouver offshore islands end of a pacific ocean crossing maschburnSpain.

BJNoBHWCAAIId1j Marshburn Spain