There are many different kinds of ferns. The pictures in this post are from photographers that didn’t name the type of fern.

Ferns are found in woodsy areas. They like shade. You can get ferns and plant them in shady areas of your garden. It depends on the type of fern, but a lot of them will make it through cold months. Ferns come out in early spring.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By Mihi rao94.

Beautiful_leaves Mihi rao94      WCBy JanReschuh.

640px-0305_Farn_PICT4914 JanRehschuh WCBy, Leon Brooks.

Curly_fern_leaf Leon Brokks WCBy, User: LigerCommon.

640px-Fern_Teepangkorn User LigerCommon WCBy, Nicholas T. Tionesta from London, UK>

Flickr_-_Nicholas_T_-_Tionesta_Scenic_Area_(8) WCThis last picture is by, McKay Savage.

Climbing_through_the_lush_forest_(6441606157 McKay Savage from London UK WC)