The Earth has a lot of islands. They come in all shapes and sizes.
I found pictures of islands that were taken from airplanes.

The first picture is of the newest island. There was a volcanic eruption off the south coast of Iceland. The island appeared after that. This was in May, 1965. It is called Surtsey Island.

By, Bruce McAdam from Reykjavik, Iceland, Wikimedia Commons.

604px-Surtsey_from_air_by_Bruce_McAdam from Reyjavik Iceland WCStrogili Island, Greece   by, Karelj, Wikimedia Commons.

Strogyli_air_1 Greece Karelj WCBall’s Pyramid Island, Pacific Ocean, Australia  by, US National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

Ball's_Pyramid2 National Geospatial Intelligence Agency USSemkaku-uptsuri  by, Japanese Government.

800px-Senkaku-uotsuri Japanese GovtLos Roegus, Venezuelea  by, BIT1982, Wikimedia Commons.

640px-Los_Roques_from_plane BIT1982 WCAnacapa Island, Channel Islands, California  by, Robert Schwemmer, NOAA.

640px-Anacapa_Aerial_NOAA Robert Schwemmer