The White Oak Tree can live a long time. It can live for hundreds of years.
It grows to about 65 to 85 feet tall. If it is alone, it spreads out and is very broad. If it is in a forest, it grows taller and less wide.
White Oak is known best for being used for wooden barrels. The barrels usually store wine.

This is a picture of White Oak barrels  by, Gerard Prins, Wikimedia Commons.

320px-Oak-wine-barrel-at-toneleria-nacional-chile Gerard Prins WCThis is a map of where White Oaks grow in Canada and the US.  By, the US Geological Survey.

Quercus_alba_range_map USGSMost of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons. I’ll label those that aren’t.

This tree is a the bud stage  by, Jim Conrad.

Quercus_alba_immature_acorn Jim Conrad WCThis tree has new leaves  by, Dcrjsr.

Quercus_alba_new_leaves Dcrjsr WCA close up of the new leaves  by, User: Harborsparrow, English Language Wikipedia.

640px-Quercus_alba_leaf_spring USer Harborsparrow en wikiThis is what the leaves look like after they are old and fall to the ground  by, Dcrjsr.

320px-Quercus_alba_fallen-leaves_acorns Dcrjsr WCThis is the bark of the White Oak Tree  by, Derek Ramsey.

White_Oak_Quercus_alba_Tree_Bark_3264px Derek Ramsey WCThese are the acorns  by, Steve Hurst, US Department of Agriculture.

320px-Quercus_alba_acorn Steve Hurst USDAA White Oak Tree on it’s own  by, User: Jaknoose, English Language Wikipedia.

user Jaknoose en wikiAnother view of a White Oak  by, Adamantios.

Quercus-alba-white-oak-hdr-0a Adamantios WCThis last picture is of a White Oak in the autumn  by, Dcrjsr.

326px-Large_white_oak_at_old_house_site Dcrjsr WC