Around here, Andromeda bushes bloom in the early spring. The ones I’ve seen have pink or white blooms.
They are also called Lily of the Valley bushes.
The official name is Piersis japonica.
If you go to buy one of these bushes, you will see the official name on the tag. Read the tag. It tells you how much sun the bush needs.
Andromeda bushes usually live through the winter, but they need a bit of protection. They do well when planted by a building that shelters them from cold winds. They won’t do well in open spaces.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

This is a Lily of the Valley plant in bloom  by, Aha.

503px-C._m._cv._Plena Aha WCThe rest of the pictures are of Andromeda bushes.

By, Kurt Stuber.

Pieris_japonica2 Kuet Stuber WCBy, KENPEI.

320px-Pieris_japonica8 KENPEI WCVariegated leaves  by, Metju12.

Pieris_japonica_variegata Metju12 WCThe next two pictures are called Mountain Fire, a kind of Andromeda bush.

By, Merlin.

450px-Pieris_japonica_(Mountain_Fire) Merlin WCBy, Paul Smith.

640px-Pieris_Japonica_Mountain_Fire Paul Smith WCBy, Stan Shebs.

486px-Pieris_japonica_10 Stan SHebs WCThis last picture is by, Apsdake.

Callophrys_ferrea_on_Pieris_japonica  Alpsdake WC