I was out and about with the camera yesterday.
I didn’t do well with this picture. I don’t know how I did this.

oopsThe irises are blooming. I went to different places and took pictures. Except for one place, the irises were blue.

This picture was taken on May 5th.

Iris buds old buildMay 12th.

iris old build msThese five pictures were taken in the same area.

old b iris budsbuds ms old buildbuds iros blooms old build one iris old buildcrop old b iris bloomsThese two pictures are of the white and purple irises.

buds wht blue iriswht blu iris msThese two pictures were taken in the same place.

buds and bloom iris msblu ms irisI don’t remember where I took this picture.

solo blu iris cuThe last three pictures were taken in the same place.

April 10th.

Iris buds treeThese last two pictures were taken on May 12th.

buds lie down iris pklt blu iris cu med