Around here, the leaves have come out on the trees and bushes. It is green where it was brown before now.

Maple trees grow wingers that have seeds in them. They come off the tree and fly in the wind. When they land in a good place, the take hold and a new tree grows.
I saw one maple tree with dry, brown wingers. I then found another kind of maple tree that still had the wingers on it.

wingersThese are wingers that landed on the ground.

ground wingersHere’s a young maple tree that grew nearby.

sm mapleI don’t know the name of this plant. It lived through the winter. The building protected it a bit.

mossThis is a red Peony.

red peonyUnknown flowers.

allunThe last four pictures are of tulips.

purple tulipsred yellow tulippink tul1pink tul2