Once in a while, you have a day like this one. A nice breeze, not too warm and clouds in a blue sky.
I went out with the camera, not intending to take pictures, but having it around for just in case.
I found trees that were common around here. When you have a closer look at them, they aren’t common at all. When you get used to seeing a lot of the same thing, you stop noticing it.

clouds croppedBark of a maple tree.

bark mapleMaple tree leaves from the same tree as the bark.

Maple tree leavesThis is one of the oak trees I saw.

good oak leaves croppedThis is the trunk.

oak barkThis is a close of the leaves.

mss oak leaves croppedA dwarf weeping red maple tree.

weep red ample cropped

The next two pictures are of an unknown pine tree.

pine tree ms adjcu pine growthThree pictures of a weeping cherry tree.

cherry ms adj

bark cherrycu cherry leaves adjUnknown tree leaves.

yellow tree leavescro[ppedI heard the birds singing and watched them dart around from tree to tree.
After a time I heard low level of warning calls and looked to see what the birds were talking about.

A black cat.

cat adjThis last picture is of a male Northern Cardinal that decided to have a look at me, from a safe distance.

cardinal ls cropped