I have an assortment of pictures from the National Park Service and NASA, International Space Station.

This is from Zion National Park in the state of Utah.

BJ7glAKCMAEobZC Zion Natl Park 5 10From the US Interior Department, I’m not sure where this is located.

BJNmh9MCIAA43j0 Orgon Mountain WIlderness Area IntFrom Cactotin National Park in the state of Maryland. A close up of a dogwood tree flower.

proxy Cactotin NP DogwoodThe next three pictures are from the International Space Station  by, Commander Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut. He left the space station this last Monday.

The Highlands of Cape Brenton.

BJiUMfuCEAAvrR- Hadfield highlands of cape brentonScotland.

BJ7dhw4CYAAjkMV hadfield ScotlandMoon setting.

BJsxPV_CUAAOm7Y hadfield moonsetThis last picture is of a Neutron Star  by, the Hubble Space telescope.

BJ_flQFCQAAEWI- Neutron Star