Let’s say you’d like a hanging basket this year. You look around at garden centers and don’t find exactly what you want.
What you can do is plant your own hanging basket.
You can get what you need where they sell supplies for planting.

First, pick out a hanging basket. You can get one that is plastic. These hold up well. That’s the kind I’m going to talk about.
You can get hanging baskets in different sizes. Choose the one you want.

empty haning basket

A lot of plastic hanging baskets come with trays on the bottom of the pot. The trays snap on and off. You can leave the tray on or take it off.

empty haning basket with trayNext, you will need potting soil. It is also called potting mix. It is different from top soil, so read the label. It’s easy to pick the wrong one. Potting soil has stuff in it to make it lighter. Top soil is just very good dirt.
With potting soil, the water soaks through and the weight of the hanging basket is okay. With top soil, the water can pool and rot the plant. The wight of the hanging basket would be too heavy.

potting soilPlants come in different containers.
The plants we are planting are annuals. That means they don’t like any temperatures below 55 F. If there’s a cold night, bring your hanging basket where it will not get cold.

Market packs have small plants. Usually they come in four or six plants per pack.

market pack side viewtop view market packIf you don’t want that many plants, you can get a single plant in a pot.
Look at the size of your hanging basket. It can be small, medium or large. For a large, use the market pack.
For medium size hanging baskets, get a plant in a 3 or 4 inch pot. You can put the pot into the hanging basket to see if it fits. It should have plenty of room inside the hanging basket for the plant to grow.
You can buy plant food at this time. If you are unsure about what kind to get, ask someone who knows. There are different kinds of plant food and it is confusing.
Feed your hanging basket plant once a week.

single pot plant

When you get home, find a place where you can make a mess and bring your stuff there.

Wash your plastic hanging basket. You can use dish detergent and water. Wash your hands.

Put some potting soil in the hanging basket about half way up.

fill half way with soilPut your plant in its pot on its side. Gently squeeze the pot and slide out the dirt and the roots of the plant. You might want a bit of help with this. One to hold the pot and one to slide out the plant.

slide plant out of potPut the plant in the hanging basket on top of the soil. Make sure it sits straight up in the basket. If you finish and it’s crooked, just stick your hands into the soil around the roots and move it gently.

put plant in potPut in more soil, patting it down as you go. Put the soil just at the top of the dirt and soil of the plant. You can put a little soil over the top of the roots, but not too much.

soil plant potWhen the plant is planted, you want the soil level about an inch or two from the top of the basket. This prevents the soil from running over the top of the basket when you water your plant.HB 2 potting soil Gently water the plant. Water it at the soil level. Don’t water over the leaves and flowers. The plant doesn’t like you doing that.
When it rains, that is different from watering. When you water, there are minerals and stuff in the water. The leaves and the flowers don’t like that.

Every time you water, make sure the water pours out of the bottom of the hanging basket. When it’s hot, water the hanging basket at least three times a day. The plant won’t like drying out.
Hanging baskets have less soil than big pots and they do dry our more quickly.
If the plant in the hanging basket dries out and dies, get another plant and put it in there. It isn’t a big deal.
When you are done, remember to wash your hands.

This is the last picture.

water plant