Around here, the hosta plants are about half-grown. They will get bigger and then put up blooms on tall stalks.
Hostas like shade. Their leaves will burn in the sun.
The pictures I took show hostas near or under trees. They are a good plant to put under tress. Be careful that you don’t plant them under conifers or trees that are nasty to plants. You can always ask someone who know.
The trees protect the hostas from the sun all day long.

Hostas are perennials. That means they usually come back after winter and you don’t have to plant new ones in the spring.

You are not born knowing about sun and shade. You have to figure it out when you go to plant something. One way is to go out in the morning and look at where the sun is shining on the ground. If you go out at noon and then in the afternoon, you will see that the light is different. You could put a marker, like a large stick in the ground and see its shadow change during the day.
At first, it might be confusing. You will get the hang of it as you go along.
For hosas, the plant tag from the grower will say plant in shade.

When you plant hostas, remember to have plenty of room to grow. They will at least double in size.

This shows the north, south, east and west directions. It helps to know where you are planting so that you know what kind of light your plant will get during the day.

nsewThe sun rises in the east and heads over to the west during the day.

When the sun is in the east, the shade under the tree is shorter on the east side of the tree and longer on the west side. This is because the tree is blocking the sunlight.

tree morning sunAt noon, the sun is directly overhead. The shade is even on both sides of the tree.

noon sunWhen the sun is in the west, the shade is shorter on the other side of the tree.

tree afternoon sunThe rest of the pictures are of different kinds of hostas.

Green hosta.

lt green hostaThe next three pictures are of variegated hostas.

hosta uhvariegated hostawhole v hostaThese last two pictures are of blue hostas.

big blue hostablue hosta