The world looks so different in different places.
These pictures show how wonderful it is to just relax and look at the view.
The places are unidentified.
I will use WC for the pictures from Wikimedia Commons.

By, TFNorman, English Wikipedia.

Velviascene TFNorman en wikiBy, Erwin Cole, US Department of Agriculture. These are windbreaks between crops.

640px-FieldWindbreaks Erwin COle, USDABy, Zutroy, WC.

CascadeHead71509.jpeg Zutroy WCBY, Sitooo, WC.

Cancha Sitooo WCBy, Awiki100, WC.

100_2382 Awiki100 WCBy, BornToSuffer, WC.

Хребет BornTo uffer WC