NASA is always busy. I have trouble keeping up with them. One this for sure is that it isn’t possible to get bored with NASA activities. If you don’t like one mission, look at the others. There are many.

A six year mission at the arctic that NASA is doing is called Ice Bridge. A plane flies over the Arctic and observes what is going on. This mission monitors the Arctic.

The Map.
By, CIA World Facebook.

This shows the Arctic Ocean and I put a red thingy on Greenland for one of the later pictures.

Arctic.svg CIA FBAll of the rest of pictures are from NASA.

These two pictures show parts of the Arctic landscape.

ice bridgevalley ice bridgeThis little monitor is taking information about the ice sheet in Greenland.

greenland ice sheet monitor

In Alaska, Pavlof Volcano was spewing clouds of gas. This was taken from the International Space Station.

Pavlof Volcano Alaska

On board the International Space Station, a robot is being tested.

sitiing robotThis last picture is of US Astronaut Cassidy boxing with the robot after a series of tests.

cassidy robot