480px-Red-bellied_Woodpecker-27527-4 Ken THomas WCA female red bellied woodpecker. By, Ken Thomas, Wikimedia Commons.

This is the only way you can tell that this bird has a red belly.
It could be days before you see one of these birds show their his/ her underneath.

There is a woodpecker named Red Headed Woodpecker. This picture shows a male  by, MONGO, Wikimedia Commons.

600px-Red_Headed_Woodpecker5 MONGO WCAll rest of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons and they are of red bellied woodpeckers.

This map shows where the red bellied woodpeckers live. It’s almost half of the lower 48 states of the US. By, Scops.

Melanerpes_carolinus Scops WCA youngster waiting for food from mama  by, Badjoby.

447px-Red_bellied_woodpecker_nest  Badjoby WCA mother bird with food for a young chick  by, Lozahuha.

320px-A_female_Red-bellied_Woodpecker_feeding_her_chick Lozahuha WCMale,  by, Ken Thomas.

Red-bellied_Woodpecker-27527  Ken Thomas WCFemale  by, Patrick Coin.

Melanerpes_carolinusFPCSL11132B Patrick Coin WCFemale enjoying some suet  by, Ken Thomas.

375px-Red-bellied_Woodpecker-27527-2 Ken Thomas WCThis last picture is of a male  by, Phyzome.

Red-bellied_woodpecker_on_railing Phyzome WC