I took a long walk yesterday. It was mid morning and the sun was very bright. The wind had some fairly strong gusts.
People are beginning to plant annuals. Annuals are plants that don’t make it through cold weather. Around here, people wait until they are sure frost won’t form at night and damage the annuals.

These flowers are called Dianthus. There are also Dianthus that are perennials that make it through the winter. These are annuals.
I have two pictures. One is from standing up and the second is a closer look at the blooms.

pink dianmcu pink dianThis is a picture of a Calla Lily.calas These are pink flowers. One picture is from a bit of distance and the second is a bit closer.

ms lav flowerslav flowersTwo pictures of white, yellow petunias. These just started being sold around here a year or two ago.

ms white yel flowerswhite yel flowersYellow Daisies.

yellow daisyWhite Daisies.

white daisiesA Hanging Basket.

hb beaut