I wasn’t paying attention to the progress of the flowers blooming for the past couple of weeks.
Around here, the flowers that bloom in the middle of spring have shown up right on time.

This is the top view of a large planter that is starting its spring blooming phase. As the season progresses and summer goes along, this planter will be bursting with fullness and color.

pink pet planterThese are two pictures of a Rhododendron bush.

ls lav rhodolav rhodoThe next two pictures are of a Rose bush in bud. My excuse is that the sun was so bright and it was causing me not to see well.

ms rose budsrose bud cuA Peony bush in bloom. It does look a bit like a Rose bush, but the leaves and branches are different.

pink roses lsThese are two pictures of a later blooming Azalea bush.

wt ls azcu az wtThe last two pictures are of a Rose bush.

yel rose budyel rose bloom