The birds are zipping back and forth, going very fast. They are talking a lot. It is the sheer joy of having baby birds to feed.

I was looking around last week for yellow iris. I hadn’t seen any yet this year. I did see some and then, when I went for a walk a few days later, I couldn’t remember where the irises were located.

I found them.

yel irisyel iris porchI get Russian Sage and Veronica plants confused. around here, they are perennials and come back after winter. There are also different kinds of both flowers.

russian sageIn the background, behind the yellow iris is a Rhododendron in full bloom.

rhodo irisAn ornamental grass.

orn grass fullThe next two pictures are of irises.

blue wt iriswhite pur irisThis last picture shows how lovely the light is at this time of year.

light bushes