I’ve seen some colorful bushes when I have walked around. They stand out from the green bushes.
It’s worth looking at different color bushes in a garden center to see if you would like to plant them. They can brighten a dull spot by a building.

The first two pictures are of a yellow conifer bush.

gold conifer lsgolden conifer msA yellow bush in early spring. It does get a bit greener.

by gazebo parkTwo pictures of Red Barberry bushes.

ms red b bushesred barburyWhen I was looking up Euonymus bushes, what I found were Burning Bushes.

These are three pictures of Burning Bushes in the Autumn. In some areas, they are considered invasive.

bb 9 2310 26 ls bbbb 10 21 cuAround here, I did see Golden Euonymus bushes. The last four pictures show that some are greener than others.

cu euron1 euron1 greener euro gold3 euro