Sphyrapicus_variusPCSL11319B Patrick Coin WCMale Yellow Bellied Sapsucker  by, Patrick Coin, Wikimedia Commons.

You have to take pity on the woodpecker family of birds. This is the second time I’ve run across a woodpecker with a name that doesn’t describe the bird.

These birds are seen around here. You can hear them tapping holes in trees and they do suck sap.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

On tree that the Yellow Bellied Sapsucker likes is the Birch Tree.

A Male Yellow Bellied Sapsucker on a Birch Tree  by, Valerie Luc.

Pic_maculé Valerie Luc WCThe next two pictures are of Birch Trees  by, Andrew Butco.

Ab_plant_1431 Andrew Butco WCAb_plant_1437 Andrew Butco WCA female Yellow Bellied Sapsucker sucking sap  by, Mike & Chris.

494px-Yellow-bellied_sapsucker_sucking_s female ap Mike & Chris WCAnother female  by, Ken Thomas.

333px-Female_Yellow-bellied_Sapsucker-l female Ken Thomas WCThis last picture is of a male Yellow Bellied Sapsucker  by, dominic sherrony.

450px-Sphyrapicus_varius dominic sherrony WC