People who fish or go boating are right in style this week. They can take to the waters and have a good time.
One aspect about both fishing and boating is that it is relaxing. Troubles melt away and thoughts meander around like clouds in the sky.

Except for one, the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.


By, Walter Sigmund.

640px-Fishing_4666 Walter Sigmund WCBy, Ysangok.

439px-Fishing_in_waders Ysangok WCBy, Kintaiyo.

640px-Angler_am_Teich Kintaiyo WCBY, US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Fishermen_in_a_canoe USFWSBoating.

By, Marcus Wanner.

2010_NSJ_racing_shells Marcus Wanner WCBy, jane023.

636px-Conway_lake_canoeing jane023Alex Proimo from Sydney, Australia.

Paddle_Boating_(4514443180) Alex Proimos Syney Au WCThis last picture is by, Rennett Stowe from USA.

Sailboat_Alchemy_(2706870985) Rennett Stowe from usa WC