Eastern Phoebes are gray-brown colored smallish birds. The eat insects and when in season, fruit and berries.
Eastern Phoebes fly south for the winter.
I saw a female Eastern Phoebe this past week. It was a female. The first time I saw her on the ground. I had heard Catbirds calling. but this wasn’t a catbird. It was too fluffy. I later found out that she was a Phoebe. The second time I saw here, she sat in a conifer.
The description of the Eastern Phoebe says that the female has a white chest and stomach. I didn’t see the Phoebe’s undercarriage, so all I saw was the gray-brown feathers.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, John Benson.

611px-Sayornis_phoebe_-Owen_Conservation_Park,_Madison,_Wisconsin,_USA-8  John Benson WCBy, Maithkaini.

640px-Eastern_Phoebe Majithkaini WCBy, Pheanix.

585px-Sayornis_phoebe_-Delaware_-USA-8 Pheanix WCThese last five pictures are by, Cephas.

640px-Sayornis_phoebe_CT2 Cephas WCSayornis_phoebe_CT3 Cephas WC640px-Sayornis_phoebe_CT Cephas WC640px-Sayornis_phoebe_CT4 Cephas WC640px-Sayornis_phoebe_fledge Cephas WC