I started out hoping to take some pictures of birds in flight. They are busy feeding babies and dart here and there at great speeds.
This did not work out at all. The minute I was ready to take pictures, the birds were out of sight. I could hear them talking to each other. I gave up.

I was out and about at around 6:50 to a bit after 7 a.m.
I wanted to get pictures of the light in the same place I had taken pictures of light and shadows later in the day.
What I found is that the eastern light at this time of  day was confusing. Shadows blended into each other if the trees were anywhere near each other.

I’ll start with three pictures of the direction thingy.

ms 4 directn s dierectother diestThe eastern sun was at my right.

magnol shadshad lsThe eastern sun was behind me.

tree best shadpl tree shadThis last picture is from a different location, with the eastern sun at my back.

71 main shad