The Mars Exploration Rover, Opportunity, has been on Mars for close to ten years. Recently, she has found indications of water being present in the past on Mars.
Opportunity is driving to another location. It will take some time for her to get there to do more tests on layered rocks. The ground on Mars is tricky. There are rocks, uneven places and rough dirt to travel over. Opportunity will go carefully and slowly on her journey.


11MARS2-articleLarge OppyAn area of Mars that Opportunity will explore.

754369main_mer_130607_360 Mars

The Butterfly Nebula. By, Hubble Space Telescope.

754346main_butterfly_nebula_cropped_800-600  HubbleAt 11:05, on June 7, 2013, The Cosmic Infrared Background observer was launched from Wallop Flight Facility in the state of Virginia.
The suborbital four stage rocket, Black Brandt XII, carried the artificial satellite to a height of 358 miles above Earth, over the Atlantic Ocean.
This will help understand energy in galaxies.

754076main_BB XII CIBER time lapse_cropped_800-600 LaunchOn June 7, 2013, there was a smallish solar flare. A UV light wavelength was used to capture this picture.

solar flareFrom the International Space Station.

Sun, Earth and the Space Station.

BMLBGkpCYAANdJu luca ISSThe sun, at Southwest Minnesota, over the horizon.

752979main_8905722051_3b553cf223_o_800-600 sun over earths horison sw minnesota ISSThis last picture is of sunset over the Earth.