Peonies are considered an old-fashioned flowers. They can be cut and put in vases. They come back every spring and brighten up any place where they are located.

Pink Peonies come in different shades of pink. They are all beautiful.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

Mrs. F.D. Roosevelt  by, coloredby.

Paeonia_lactiflora_F.D.Roosevelt coloredby WCPrincess Margaret  by, KorlAn.

Paeonia_'Princess_Margaret'_06 KorlAN WCSarah Bernhardt  by, Mike Bowler.

640px-Paeonia_lactiflora_'Sarah_Bernhardt Mike Bowler WCVarenka  by, KorlAn.

450px-Paeonia_'Varenka'_03 KorlAn WCMons Jules Elie  by, Ulf Ericsson.

450px-MonsJulesElie1c.UME Ulf Eliasson WCReine Hortense  by, KorlAn.

640px-Paeonia_'Reine_Hortense'_11 KorlAn WCEnsign Moriarti  by, KorlAn.

640px-Paeonia_'Ensign_Moriarti'_05 KorlAN WCThis last picture is of Madame Colot  by, KorlAn.

Paeonia_'Madame_Calot'_(cut_flower)_01 korlAn WC